Purchase terms Nordic Formula International AS

These sales conditions apply to all sales of goods (products) from www.nordicformula.com to consumers. The terms of sale together with your order, confirmed through an order confirmation, constitute the overall contractual basis for the purchase. To be able to shop at www.nordicformula.com you must be 15 years old.

1. Parties

The seller is: Nordic Formula International AS, Niels Juels gate 25, 2.etasje, 0257 Oslo, Norway, registered in the Brønnøysund register with org.no: 930 319 333 MVA, e-mail address: info@nordicformula.com, and remains in the hereinafter referred to as “Nordic Formula International AS”, “we” or “us”. Buyer is: the person stated as the buyer in the order, and is hereinafter referred to as “you”, “you”, “your” or “your”.

2. Order- and agreement process

Your order is binding when the order is registered on our server (computer). We are also bound by your order if it does not deviate from what is offered by us in our online shop, our marketing or in any other way. You still have the right to withdraw from the purchase in accordance with the Act on the right of withdrawal, see below. When we receive your order, we will confirm the order and automatically send you an order confirmation. Read the order confirmation carefully when you receive it and check whether the order confirmation is in accordance with the order. Deviations between your order and the order confirmation are considered a new offer from us, which you can accept or decline. You still have the right to enforce your original order if it is in accordance with what we have offered. Exceptions may occur, see section 3.

3. Information provided in the online shop/out-of-stock items

We strive to give our customers as correct information about our products as possible. We reserve the right, however, that typographical errors may occur, which may mean that we cannot deliver according to information provided in our online store, our marketing or otherwise.

The offer is valid while stocks last or within the specified offer period.
Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel your order or part of it, if the product is sold out. In the case of sold-out situations, you will be notified of this, possibly together with information about what we can offer instead. You will have the option to accept our new offer with the changes we specify in relation to your order, or cancel the order. Furthermore, reservations are made regarding the cancellation of orders intended for resale.

4. Prices and purchases to addresses outside Norway (Europe)

All product prices include VAT and are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK), unless otherwise stated.
The total cost of the purchase will appear before ordering and include all expenses associated with the purchase such as expenses for postage, shipping, packaging, customs and taxes in the country of arrival. etc. We reserve the right to change prices for products that are in campaigns etc. Any price changes that occur after the time of ordering that are not due to errors (see below) do not have retroactive effect. If there have been significant typographical or printing errors on our part, in advertisements etc. and/or in the online shop that is greater than 15% of the normal retail price, we can unilaterally change, delete or reject orders. This applies even if the customer has received an order confirmation or similar. However, such errors must be corrected within a reasonable time after the error is discovered.

5. Shipping

We send with Posten Servicepakke in Norway with tracking. Posten’s services mean that you will be sent an SMS and/or e-mail where you can easily follow the tracking of your products. For international orderes, DHL will be used.

6. Payment with card

We use Stripe’s payment solution. When paying by card, the customer is debited when the item is sent from the warehouse. In the case of a consultation, the customer is charged on the same day that the consultation is to be carried out.

7. Processing of orders / Delivery

Packages will be sent as quickly as possible and maximum within 4 working days. Shipping to free of charge.

8. Personal information

Nordic Formula International AS is responsible for the personal data you provide to us as a customer. This information is used to provide you with the best possible service and to provide you with good offers from us. We do not pass on information about you to anyone outside Nordic Formula International AS. The personal information can be used as long as you are an active customer at Nordic Formula International AS. They will be kept until you delete the information yourself or ask for it to be deleted. Read our privacy policy here.

We process personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and GDPR’s requirements. As a customer of Nordic Formula International AS’s online store, you consent to your personal data, as well as information about your purchases made with us, being collected, stored and processed in order to manage the customer relationship, optimize our offers and improve our customer service. In this connection, we collect and process your personal details, contact information and information about which products you have purchased. We will process your personal data for a period of up to 24 months. The personal information will also be processed as a basis for market and customer analyzes as well as for customer-tailored membership offers that are compiled from your personal information and purchase history. The information is not transferred to any third party without your consent.

As a member, you have the right to receive free information from Nordic Formula International AS about which personal data is processed by Nordic Formula International AS, as well as to have this corrected and/or supplemented. You can withdraw your consent to the above-mentioned processing at any time, as it is voluntary to give up personal data, unless the data must or can be kept beyond this as a result of the law.

As a customer of the Nordic Formula International AS online store, you agree that we can use electronic means of communication to communicate with you about matters of importance to the customer relationship, send you newsletters and marketing for offers, services and goods. Those who do not wish to receive addressed advertising and offers, or can contact Nordic Formula International AS at any time and demand that this marketing cease.

Inquiries about your personal data can be addressed to info@nordicformula.com.

9. Complaint

If an item is faulty or missing, you can either demand redelivery, a price reduction or cancellation of the purchase in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act. The complaint deadline is normally 2 years after you received the item. If the item is intended to last significantly longer than 2 years, the complaint period is extended to 5 years. In order to enforce a defect, we must be notified within a reasonable time after you discovered or should have discovered the defect. You have always complained in sufficient time if it happens within 2 months of the defect being discovered or should have been discovered. The rules on complaints can be found in the Consumer Purchase Act (Consumer Purchase Act). In the event of any disputes, nordicformula.com follows the decisions of the Consumer Dispute Committee.

For information on reimbursement and return of goods, see point 10 on right of withdrawal.

10. Right of Withdrawal

The consumer can withdraw from the agreement without giving any reason within 14 days after the service provider has fulfilled its obligation to provide information in accordance with right of withdrawal and the goods have been received. The deadline expires 12 months after the end of the original cancellation period if information about the right to cancel has not been provided. The consumer must notify the service provider if the right of withdrawal is used. The deadline is deemed to have been met if the notification is sent before the expiry of the deadline. There are no formal requirements for the notification, but for evidentiary reasons it should be in writing. If the conditions for the right of withdrawal are met, the service provider is obliged to refund the entire purchase price.

The return cost must be borne by the consumer, unless the service provider has breached the agreement, or the service provider in accordance with the agreement has delivered a replacement product, because the ordered product was not available.

The right of withdrawal requires that the item is returned in the same condition as on receipt, i.e. in original and undamaged packaging and in unused condition. Nordic Formula International AS will be able to claim compensation for the decrease in value if the consumer uses or examines the item(s) in a way that goes beyond normal and necessary examination.

Reimbursement in case of right of withdrawal and complaint
Reimbursement from Nordic Formula International AS takes place within 14 days after the item(s) have been received in return. It takes 5 – 10 working days from when Nordic Formula International AS refunds an amount, until the money is back on the account used for the purchase.

Return of goods
When returning goods in connection with complaints and right of withdrawal, the goods are sent to:

Nordic Formula International AS
Niels Juels gate 25, 2nd floor
0257 Oslo

Any additional cost as a result of the item(s) being returned to the wrong address or in a way that does not comply with the rules for refunds and complaints will be charged to you.

You may be charged if the amount refunded is reduced by the additional cost incurred.

If you have questions about the right of withdrawal or complaints, contact us by email: info@nordicformula.com

Fee for uncollected, non-prepaid goods
If you do not collect the item you have ordered, and do not notify us that you wish to make use of the right of cancellation, you will be charged a fee of NOK 498 (in Norway) / NOK 1499 outside Norway (in Europe) for uncollected packages. You may be charged by the amount refunded being reduced by additional costs incurred, or in other ways.

11. Incorrect use of our products

We do not take responsibility for incorrect use of our products, as correct use does not normally cause health hazards. Keep products away from children. The goods must not be exposed to extreme heat or flames, and should be used only as recommended on the packaging instructions.